Surgery and Chairside Conversion

Durable Dental Lab provides comprehensive chairside conversion services, enabling immediate provisional teeth during dental implant surgery. This process ensures that patients can leave the clinic with a functional and aesthetically pleasing temporary prosthesis on the same day of their implant placement.

How It Works:

    • Pre-Surgical Planning: We collaborate with your dental team to plan the procedure, ensuring all necessary tools and prosthetics are prepared.
    • During Surgery: Our technicians are on-site to adapt the prosthesis as the implants are placed, allowing for adjustments and immediate fitting.
    • Post-Operative Support: We provide detailed guidelines for care and follow-up appointments to ensure optimal outcomes.

Key Advantages:

    • Immediate Functionality: Patients enjoy the benefits of functional teeth without waiting for the final prosthesis.
    • High Precision: Tailored adjustments during surgery ensure a perfect fit, preventing common post-operative issues.
    • Patient Satisfaction: Quick turnaround increases patient comfort and satisfaction by reducing overall treatment time.

Ready to transform your implant procedures? Contact Durable Dental Lab today for exceptional chairside conversion services.